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A 13km monorail runs through Naha north-to-south, terminating at the airport.

Naha's streetscapes are nothing inspiring. As the city was mostly destroyed in World War II, the structures are generally new and are not particularly attractive-looking.

Naha's harbour is a small inlet that opens to the Pacific Ocean. Both Japanese and American militaries operate vessels here.

A funky treehouse in Onoyamacho.

Naminoue-gu Shrine

The best place to capture a shot of this seaside temple is actually on the elevated highway offshore.

Behind the temple, Asahigaoka Park offers a serene escape and its sloping topography provides a few views.

There were people wandering around Naminoue Beach playing sports and enjoying the sandy beach, but none were actually in the water. With a view of the elevated highway just offshore, it's quite a turn-off.

The shrine and beach were a bit out of the way so now I head back to the monorail station just as a rainstorm approaches.

Kokusai-dori is a 1.6km-long street lined with souvenir shops and restaurants, and is the most bustling part of Naha.

Spam and sushi didn't have anything in common until now.

To enjoy a meal at the noodle bar, purchase a ticket at the vending machine, and hand the receipt to the attendant. The workers at the restaurant would not handle cash at all throughout the whole process.

The local fish market is not too big, but they had no shortage of fresh sashimi at bargain basement prices.

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