Oman Photo Gallery - A Road Trip

Oman Flag

Oman is a beautiful country that is slowly being discovered by tourists. Unlike its neighbour the UAE, mass tourism has not reached these shores and the best way to explore is by car. Roads are very well-maintained, petrol is dirt cheap, and traffic is minimal. Many attractions are in the middle of nowhere, and quite difficult to reach by infrequent public transport.

Pick up your car from one of the many international agencies at Muscat airport, and enjoy a week driving around the most common tourist circuit from Muscat to Nizwa to Sur and back to Muscat. My journey was short at only 5 days, barely enough for some highlights in this small quadrant of the country. Going anti-clockwise,

Day 1 : Muscat - Nizwa

The first section of long-distance driving is along Highway 15 to Nizwa, which had the most traffic of all the roads I drove in the country.

Day 1 : Nizwa
Bahla Fort

Bahla was Oman's capital for almost 500 years, so it is no surprise its fort was impressive. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the fort was restored recently and you are free to roam the many buildings and rooms leading from random staircases and passages.

Day 1 : Nizwa
Jabrin Castle

Once an elaborate home by an imam in the late 17th century, look up when inside and admire the intricately-decorated ceilings. Make it up to the roof and enjoy the unobstructured views of the area.

To be continued ...

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