Onomichi Photo Gallery

Onomichi is a town of many temples. There is a tourist information centre at the train station with friendly staff who can provide you with an English map to get going. Turn left upon exiting the station, follow the tracks and you will notice signs to head uphill.

Jikoji Temple

As you walk along the narrow paths, you will find absolute serenity. There is barely anyone in sight. Where are the temple workers? A short walk away is Komyo-ji Temple.

Kaifukuji Temple

Hodoji Temple

As you explore the side streets, you will come across nameless shrines like this one at a corner.

There are lots of homes and little cafes dotted along the hillside.

Tenneiji Temple is famous for its 3-storey pagoda. Climb up the steps behind it for a panoramic view of the city. Save your energy for the cable car for an even better view.

As the cable car rises uphill, you will spot Jikanji on the right.

Senkoji's location on top of the hill is the perfect postcard view of Onomichi.

This was the busiest temple all day. I had to wait a bit for the tourists to clear for this empty shot.

Back downhill, I inspected the small but quaint Jikanji in a bit more detail.

East of here are a number of smaller temples, all of which were deserted. Go up these steps for Fukuzenji.

To be continued in part 2 ...

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