Flight Report : LH 4243 Paris - Munich

Lufthansa AG : LH 4243
Paris Charles de Gaulle - Munich
Scheduled Departure : 1115
Flight Time : about 1 hour
Equipment : CR1

There was a huge lineup at Charles de Gaulle Terminal 1. Although the crowd wasn't big at all, the terminal itself was very small, and it was a Saturday, so a lot of people were heading out of town for the weekend. Most of the check-in area was busy, and I waited for 45 minutes before I could check in.

Lufthansa only had about 4 counters for check-in, and they were all open. Unfortunately, since I had a big bag to check in, I couldn't use the self-service to bypass the line. There was a big glob of people, and I didn't know which glob belonged to which. After a bit of stumbling around, I found the right line.

Perhaps it was a good thing that I had to line up for so long, because Lufthansa gave me a free upgrade to business class, which was quite odd because I was already travelling for free to Munich.

Business class consists of 3 rows at the front of the plane with a small curtain separating the economy class passengers. The seats were the same and there was no on-board entertainment. However, we got a hot kleenex and a lot of food. I was constantly being asked whether I needed more drinks, and the FA kept an eye on all of us business class passengers.

The Aircraft

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