Penang Photo Gallery

The Victorian-style Town Hall opened in 1880 and was used for various events such as theatrical performances and church services.

Next door is the City Hall, a neo-Palladian structure completed in 1903. Today, it is used by the Municipal Council of Penang Island.

The War Memorial is fenced off from everyone but was intended to commemorate those who defended Penang's harbour from the German navy during World War I.

Fort Cornwallis was first built by Francis Light but the current defense structure dates from the early 19th century. There isn't much to see inside and it is not too elevated for a view of the city.

Built in 1897, the Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower stands 60 feet high near Fort Cornwallis.

The Church Street Pier was built in 1897 and was heavily used in the first half of the 20th century. It subsequently went into disrepair and was redeveloped into a marina.

The Clan Jetties are used by the Chinese community for both housing and trade. These wooden piers first started appearing in the 19th century.

Each clan's jetty looked a little different but was more of the same. Some were far more commercialized. This one was a lot quieter and is still inhabited.

In one of the narrow streets near Komtar, this road-side chendul stall serves traditional Chiu Chow dessert in a rich coconut sauce.