Penang Photo Gallery

The Penang State Museum is housed in a building from 1816, relocated here after its original collection was destroyed during World War II.

This 1951 model Rolls Royce was ambushed in an assassination attempt on the British High Commissioner.

The House of Yeap Chor Ee was once home of a local banking tycoon who came to the city in 1885. He started as a barber, then moved on to sell consigned goods, then entered the sugar industry, and finally set up a bank to finance his trading business. In fact, he was a significant shareholder of the Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation in the 1930s.

Inside, the house is beautifully-decorated with original furniture and various artifacts.

Gurney is located west of George Town and has lots of modern restaurants, malls, and bars.

It borders the coast and is a breezy place to watch the twilight emerge.

Kek Lok Si is a temple complex that sprawls along the hillsides outside the historic centre. During Chinese New Year, it is incredibly lit so you can spot it from miles away.

The 7-storey Pagoda of Rama VI was completed in 1930 and contains 10,000 statues of the Buddha. It consists of a mix of different styles from the Chinese octagonal base, middle tier of Thai design, to a Burmese crown.