Makati Photo Gallery

Vantage points high above Makati are not easy to find. The best bets are looking up area hotels, hoping they have a rooftop restaurant or bar open to the public. First stop, City Garden Grand Hotel.

Looking north, Manila's immense cityscape sprawls out indefinitely.

West, Manila Bay doesn't look far away, but don't let the city's unpredictable traffic mislead you.

Yet, there are many pockets of lowrises amidst all these developments.

Gramercy Residences previously had a rooftop bar on its 71st floor, but that has indefinitely closed. If you live in their sister property a short walk away, you will enjoy these great views of BGC and more!

This building is 30 stories taller than the earlier rooftop bar.

Makati is quite densely-packed.

So when will these lowrises be razed?

Monetary note images are sourced from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

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