Mall of Asia and Manila Bay Photo Gallery

The Mall of Asia is a huge shopper's paradise in Pasay, facing Manila Bay. Facing the waterfront, a long promenade offers wonderful views of the sun setting over the bay.

Climb onto the protective barrier and look out towards the sea.

An emerging office district is under construction next door. I wonder why there aren't more developments here to take advantage of the sea views?

Sunset cruises also depart from here.

The waterfront seems underdeveloped with few skyscrapers.

Don't joke about the wrong things - just like at the airport!

Meanwhile, the inland areas seemed more dense with Makati in the distance.

But that's the wrong direction. Look the other way for the sunset again.

By now, there was a more festive atmosphere with a parade happening.

No visit to the mall is complete without exploring the huge hypermarket. Ready-made meals are very cheap as well as other seafood canned goods.

Some querky products include banana ketchup.

Pasta sauce in a bag is lighter to carry and it seems to come in Filipino style.

Using bags to hold your everyday cooking needs is quite common here.

If you like your meals hot, stock up on chili sauce - club pack style!

Enjoy a halo halo dessert to cool down after a sweaty afternoon!

There are 4 integrated casino resorts in the vicinty amidst concerns there is an oversupply and the money laundering risks.

The City of Dreams casino resort also has a lot of decent restaurants as well.

Monetary note images are sourced from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

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