Tagaytay & Jeepney Factory Photo Gallery

Tagaytay and Lake Taal were part of a prehistoric volcano that is today a relaxed and cool escape from hot Manila. Just 60km to the south of the city and accessible on good highways, it is possible to enjoy comfortable a day trip here. For more adventurous travelers, take the boat and go hike Volcano Island. I chose to enjoy the scenery from the ridge instead.

Leaving the car, this area is remarkably cooler than the city. After all, you are on top of a long ridge. The People's Park in the Sky looks a bit rugged and unfinished, which is becaue it was Marcos' unfinished summer home.

To save some money, you can take a jeepney up here.

The Philippines is a very religious country and very devoutly Catholic.

Most of Volcano Island rose out of the lake in the 1911 eruption. It is still an active volcano today.

To enjoy the views in a more personal setting, eat at one of the restaurants in town. I dined in one with a private hut perched above the ridge.

Unless you plan on hiking the island, you will be done sightseeing by lunch time. Oftentimes the driver/tour will stop by a jeepney factory on the way back to Manila. Make sure you stop here in the afternoon, when the tropical downpours start. You won't want the rain to ruin your mountain outing.

Jeepneys are a major public transport type in the country's cities. They originated from army jeeps left behind by the US military during World War II. Decorated in many bright and colourful ways, each jeepney can seat 10-16 passengers in benches. A huge open back and windows keeps the cabin naturally ventilated.

The government is cracking down on the old and dirty jeepneys, forcing retirement once they age 15 years, and eventually removing all diesel vehicles from the streets.

Monetary note images are sourced from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

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