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The story begins in Berlin, where we opted to take a train to Prague, stopping in Dresden along the way. Unfortunately, the announcements at the Dresden station were only in German, and the Prague service seemed to have switched tracks at the last minute. For 2 hours, we were stranded in Dresden under crystal blue skies.

The delay didn't affect our plan at all, since we had originally scheduled to arrive in Prague in the evening, and leave the sightseeing until the next day. However, the concierge for the apartment we rented was going to close at 9pm. With our new and delayed departure, we were close to missing that deadline. Thankfully, the concierge received our SMS and waited for us. The blue skies held on for us as well. In fact, not a drop of rain fell during our entire Prague stay. There was barely a cloud in sight either.

I was surprised how touristy Prague has become. Storekeepers and restaurant workers spoke very good English, and were all ready to receive so many tourists. This was not the Eastern Europe I had expected. But then, with so much great architecture, no wonder there were so many tourists.

Prague has a lot of observation points for a city of its size. The Town Square already had 2. In the end, I think I went up 9 towers, each with its own unique view and well worth the admission price.

Awesome skies, the right direction of light, and lovely buildings. This theme would reiterate again and again throughout the trip.

Prague's historic gems have been generally well-preserved. In the more working class areas away from the tourist attractions, there was plenty of graffiti across walls, windows, and doors.

As I previously mentioned, each tower's view was a little different. Powder Tower offers a view of the Town Square and Prague Castle in one shot. Back in those days, I didn't have much thought about the time of day to photograph certain directions against the light, so I was quite lucky the whole Prague set came out pretty well.

Thankfully, cranes are nowhere to be seen within the historic city centre.

Prague had set a few records for me - the most photographs taken in a single day, and the most number of battery recharges I had to do (I had 2 batteries). We would sweep street after street photographing everything and anything along the way. On the craziest day, I clocked in some 1800 photos and had to go back to the apartment twice to recharge my batteries.

My digital camera got a good workout in Prague. I had 2 cameras with me just in case the extra batteries run out or one decides to drop dead from exhaustion.

I was quite happy with what Berlin and Dresden, my prior 2 stops, had to offer. But Prague blew me away. Every other building seemed to have some ornament worth photographing.

Food was reasonably-priced, but we found out in the end there were far cheaper options outside the touristy historic centre. There was a huge Tesco near the apartment that accepted euros and gave local currency for change at a very reasonable exchange rate. So while we were gouged for lunches and dinners, at least the other food needs were at a discount.

Not all buildings were brightly-coloured or in pristine condition. But a little bit of wear and tear actually enhances the building's historic value. The contrast between the different shades of paint is nevertheless pretty.

These cute trams are well-kept and can go quite fast, zipping around the historic centre and across the river to more far-flung districts.

I wonder if these statues and ornaments need to be scrubbed and cleaned every now and then?

Even Charles Bridge has towers that can be ascended. There seems to be an endless supply of great vantage points.

The skyline seemed medieval but the television tower spoiled the view. Nevertheless, Prague's historic centre is generally unspoiled. Even the newer reconstructions respect the old order quite well.

I went to Prague Castle twice to explore it in great detail. The cathedral could be spotted from many parts of town and it did not disappoint.

Perched on a hill and being so tall, views from the cathedral's tower were spectacular.

The weather could not be any more perfect.

Prague was the best trip of my life.
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