Flight Report
QF 128 Hong Kong - Sydney

Business Class
18 April 2008

Red-Eye Flight

Here comes another overnight flight. Unfortunately, Qantas doesn't have lie-flat beds in Business Class so I probably wouldn't get much sleep, although the layout is back to the normal front-facing style so I can enjoy the full window view. Let's see how they differ from Cathay's new Business Class.

Check-in was smooth as it seems I was the last one to do so.

Lounge Visit

The Business Class lounge was upstairs and had a lot of computers with internet access!

Early Boarding

The gates were open for boarding an hour prior to departure. I wondered why they were ready so early. I actually arrived at the airport almost exactly 1 hour prior to departure. No wonder they were trying to rush me through and told me to go through immigration immediately as boarding would commence.

There was a huge line at the gate, and soon I realized why. All passengers had to go through a second check for liquids at the airbridge. At first I didn't notice them but soon after I went through the Business Class priority line to show my boarding pass, we were all grouped into 2 lines and had to wait for our turn. There was no expedition channel for us at all.

Meal Service

I was very surprised that they offered traditional Chinese soup. They actually served it out of a thermos, and it wasn't just soup. The meat and vegetables were in there as well.

Good morning!


Soon we'll head below the clouds and descend into Sydney ... on a cloudy day.

Service Summary

  • Qantas' Business Class seats were the old Cathay Business Class seats - it stretches out but is still slanted, making the sleeping part a bit weird being somewhat suspended but not fully parallel with the floor.
  • Loading was high that night.
  • The atmosphere was a bit more informal compared to business cliente-driven Cathay.
  • The soup was great! Should've asked for thirds.
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