Flight Report
QF 512 Sydney - Brisbane

25 April 2008

Early Flight

Free flights on mileage come at a cost ... an early morning flight out of Sydney. Thankfully, I can check in up to 15 minutes before departure, not like the 60 minute guideline i usually get elsewhere around the world. As I've already done online check-in the day before, I left for the airport as late as I could. With only a 15 minute train ride from Circular Quay, the airport was easily and quickly accessible.

Simple Breakfast

Drink and cookie for breakfast, and a neat bag that turns from serviette to garbage bin.

Gold Coast Aerials

As we neared Brisbane, I noticed a lot of neat developments and lots of small rivers with some man-made elements. Soon I realized this was Gold Coast, and Q1 became visible.

Final Approach

We passed Brisbane on the left side, headed out towards Moreton Island, then turned back to land.

Brisbane's 2 Terminals

Brisbane airport is divided into 2 buildings - the domestic terminal and international terminal. However, the two buildings are not close to each other, and it is not possible to walk between the two. A train service connects the two terminals with the city and further to Gold Coast.

Service Summary

The flight was short, lasting an hour. However, there were drinks and a light breakfast served, which was a bit surprising, as I expected American-style no-frills service even for a traditional carrier these days. As it was ANZAC weekend, the flight was full. I didn't like the design of the arrivals area though, as luggage would let released in an open area where non-passengers can fully access. It would be quite easy for outsiders to steal luggage amidst the crowds.

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