Quanzhou Photo Gallery - Luoyang Bridge

Located northeast of the historic centre, Luoyang Bridge is one of China's 4 most famous ancient bridges, stretching about 730m long. Construction took place during the 11th century with ship-like piers to counter the river's currents. Consisting of 47 spans and 45 piers as it crosses the river, the deck is guarded by 104 stone lions and 4 statues of generals. Its completion brought enormous economic benefits that started a bridge-building boom in the area for the next 300 years.

Arriving at the high-speed train station from Xiamen just after 9am, I got on the K507 bus, which took about 40 minutes to reach Luo Yang Qiao station.

After getting off the bus, continue down the road in the same direction, cross the intersection, and continue along the narrower road around the bend and downhill. Passing by a few historic buildings including a temple and a garbage bin full of oyster shells, I soon spotted the river after about a 10 minute walk.

I first sent the drone up for a wider view of the long bridge.

Satisfied with the aerial views, I set off to walk part of the bridge to the middle island, where there is a small exhibition centre with English descriptions of the bridge's history and construction.

Worried I've got a lot planned for my day trip, I didn't make it all the way across the bridge. I allocated only an hour here and it's a bit of a trek back to the historic centre, so I didn't want this single attraction to take up my whole morning.

Heading back to the bus stop where I originally got off, then across the street for the opposite direction, it was a half hour ride back to the city, a journey of over 10 km.

While Luoyang Bridge is a bit out of the way from the historic centre and the high-speed train station, it is well worth the journey so put it either at the start of your day or at the end.

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