Quanzhou Photo Gallery - Qingjing Mosque

Qingjing Mosque was built in the 11th century, making it the oldest surviving mosque in the country. During the Song and Yuan dynasties, it was believed Quanzhou had 6-7 mosques, with this one surviving and undergoing various renovations during the Yuan and Ming Dynasties. However, the roof over the prayer hall collapsed following an earthquake, leaving it open and exposed to the elements now.

Made solely of stone, the building's style is different from other Chinese mosques which have a traditional timber look. There is also a new modern mosque next door, offering a large contrast against this historic site.

After getting short-changed by the surly staff at the door who can't find enough cash since they assume only domestic tourists come to this city with their Wechat Pay QR codes, I entered the site to explore the small premises.

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