Regensburg Photo Gallery

Regensburg is a good day trip option from either Munich or Nuremberg. It is a well-preserved medieval town that survived WW2 unscathed. The town's wealth dates from trading in the 12th century, which has been reflected in the architecture today.

St. Peter's Cathedral is an imposing Gothic building that has marked the town's spiritual heart since the 13th century.

The local Christmas Markets were scattered across several locations in the town centre and opened up to December 23.

Regensburg is located on the Danube, which is crossed by the 16-arch Stone Bridge, built in the 12th century. This made the town a major trading location between northern Europe and Venice.

Regensberg is only 1.5 hours away from Munich or 1 hour from Nuremberg. From the train station, it is a 15 minute walk to the Old Town.

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