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Riga's Art Nouveau district in the Quiet Centre is a must-see for architecture fans. In the early 1900s, Riga had the highest concentration of this architecture type in Europe as it built new housing for a ballooning population. Only a short walk from the Old Town, be sure to take a walk along Alberta iela and its surrounding streets. This isn't a big tourist area with shops selling souvenirs, but a typical functional street with much nicer buildings.

Mikhail Eisenstein is known for a more eclectic style of Art Nouveau, displayed here at Elizabetes iela 33. Many of the buildings in this area are his works.

Built in 1906, the faces with helmets at the top of the facade seem to extend beyond the roof of Alberta iela 2a.

This stone building at Alberta iela 11 showcases National Romanticism, which includes folk motifs and natural materials.

The Riga Graduate School of Law at Alberta iela 13 mixes Art Nouveau with Italian Renaissance. Originally a residence completed in 1906. There was initially some controversy over the structure as the city building inspector accused the foundations extended beyond the plot's boundary.

This Stockholm School of Economics at Str─ôlnieku iela 4a was built in 1905 with maidens holding wreaths symbolizing victory.

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