Sapporo Photo Gallery

The Former Hokkaido Government Office Building was built in 1888 in the neo-Baroque style. Its red bricks are quite distinct although the interiors are not particularly special.

The building is open to the public and has many free exhibitions on local history, including an island dispute with Russia that has been ongoing since World War II.

Perhaps because it was still chilly, but the rest of Sapporo in this part of town appears empty. The linear Odori Park is only a few blocks away and stretches across many blocks east-to-west.

Odori Park was originally bult as a fire-break in 1871, splitting the city into northern and southern sections. The Snow Festival takes place here every winter.

Built in 1926, this historic building is the former Court of Appeal. There is still a court room inside with other exhibitions. They open until quite late - 7pm, and I was the only visitor there when I arrived close to closing.

Right above the JR train station is an observation deck with a lovely view of the city from the 38th floor.





Even the toilet has plenty of views so you don't want to leave.

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