Sapporo Photo Gallery

Mt. Moiwa stands 531m above the city. To get to the observation deck, take the ropeway first to the intermediate station, and then transfer to a rail-based car for the rest of the way. The observation deck was renovated in 2011 and offers a roof-top outdoor viewing area.

Transfer at the end of the ropeway.

The weather was a bit strange today. The skies clouded over suddenly but south of Sapporo, it was still blue skies. The clouds hung just above the summit, and it was both windy and freezing cold!

I didn't expect a winter jacket and wool hat were still necessary at the end of April.

Sapporo isn't a tall city, but it does spread out quite a lot.

After a cold sunset on top of Sapporo, it is time for dinner in Ramen Alley. It was quite hard to find at first, as the alley is through a narrow, unmarked opening on one side.

There is also raw fish available at the local fish market.

There was no way I could make it here during the core operating hours early in the morning, but you can still appreciate the operation looking at all the various machinery inside the facility.

The tram network is a loop on the western part of the city. It is not particularly useful for tourists except accessing the Mt. Moiwa Ropeway. Pay upon exit, although you can use the change machine at any time onboard to get the right amount.

The Sapporo Beer Museum opened in 1987 to showcase the brand's history. The building was originally part of the brewery itself, which was set up in 1876. Admission is free, but the beer tasting section costs a token amount of money at the end of the exhibition.

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