Sapporo Photo Gallery - Jozankei

Jozankei is reachable by city bus from Sapporo station. The buses don't come often, and there aren't enough seats to satisfy demand. Get there early! It's not a great ride to stand for over an hour.

There is a ticket booth at the departing bus bay.

Be careful when you wander around the terminus, but they installed railroad crossing-style barriers to keep you and the buses safe.

Next to this temple is a little hot spring where you can soak your feet. Yes, it's open to the public at any time!

Roll up your pants and enjoy the hot water while winter continues outside.

Lots of hotels line both banks of the river. The river itself is not scenic whatsoever, but I guess the key attraction are the hot baths inside, powered by the natural springs.

You can purchase a package to enjoy a night at one of the hot spring resorts. For day trippers, there is also a package available to try out the hot springs as well. However, I was already content with my foot bath already.

The shrines here are quite deserted. In fact, the interior was not even open.

56 hot spring sources in this area provide 8600L of hot water per minute. It all started when a monk discovered the springs in 1866 and opened a healing spa.

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