2008 Hong Kong Showcase Photo Gallery

1. I'm not a big fan of the Hanoi Road redevelopment. For such a slim tower, the impact would have been much greater if they used glass cladding. That being said, I am eager for its opening to check out the views from the inside.

2. New Year's 2008 was spent hiking up a lesser-known spot to see the city. Above a reservoir in a poorer part of town lies a nice park with a fenced-out area that has commanding views of the harbour from Central to the eastern shores.

3. Soon this part of town will change further with redevelopment and these photos will become one of our collective memories.

5. Cheung Chau continues to be a popular weekend getaway destination. However, I wished the villas available for rent would be cleaner and a bit more classy. That being said, this is a fishing village, so expect a bit more grit and dirt.

6. Have you gotten your share of dried seafood yet?

7. A ride on the Ngong Ping 260 cable car is very refreshing, and I thought it was much more rewarding than the tourist trap at the top end of the ride. Why the monks wanted to embrace such commercialism at their doorstep is beyond me.

9. Tram spotting continues to be one of my favourite hobbies. With ads changing about every month or so, I'm always on my toes between trips to capture the latest.

10. I'm a bit surprised the top brands would choose to advertise on a $2/ride tram.

11. Sunset on a clear day is a beautiful sight.

12. 2008 was a stormy year in Hong Kong, with many typhoons. One even scored a signal 9, which is not often seen. Great to have a day off though because of it!

14. Chinese New Year fireworks ... we were a bit far from the action though.

15. The photography gurus come out to the annual flower show. Amidst the crowds, I took a few snapshots of flowers. Perhaps it's time to plant some greenery in my balcony?

16. The airport became a popular destination in 2008 from a lot of travelling.

17. The Olympics came to down during the summer as the equestrian competition was held here. To protect the horses from the heat, the events were held either early in the morning or during the evening. It was worth waking up so early though.

19. Redevelopment continues in the older parts of town. However, have we struck the right balance? While the oldest buildings may not be suitable for habitation anymore and should be torn down, some of the other ones can easily be renovated for better use rather than being replaced by a series of 50+ storey skyscrapers.

21. These redevelopments make interesting photography opportunities.

26. Lee Tung Street's redevelopment plan is very controversial, as it has uprooted the wedding card stores that used to make this street unique. How will they be accomodated in the new development? Will it be another upscale and soul-less tourist trap?

27. Stonecutters Bridge is nearing completion, and this is the first time I've noticed Nina Tower all the way from Hong Kong Island.

28. Skyscrapers on hills is a common sight in Hong Kong. The engineers seem to be able to make the impossible happen so easily.

29. As housing prices wane, how will the wealthy cope with a 20% drop in property values?

32. Is this yet another new skyscraper under construction?

33. Christmas lights are always bright and plentiful.

34. More great photos to come in 2009!

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