Singapore Airlines Flight Reports

SQ 859 Hong Kong - Singapore
Economy Class

SQ 859 Hong Kong - Singapore
Economy Class


To mark my window seat on the left side, I checked-in online a few days before to guarantee that seat. Then I leisurely took my time to get to the airport to drop off my bags.

Plane Spotting

Hong Kong has seen plenty of sunshine over the past few weeks, so plane spotting was a lot of fun that day.

Departure On Time

Since we were at Gate 21, we were fairly close to the takeoff position towards the west.

Nearing Vietnam's Coast

Meal Service

The lunch consisted of chicken and it tasted fairly good - very moist and soft. However, the portions were very small.

The skies began to get cloudier as we left Vietnam and headed towards Malaysia.


At times bumpy, the descent into a cloudy day in Singapore wasn't anything unusual. Lots of countryside, then a few rivers, and then the runway.

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