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St. Moritz is a glitzy town with expensive shops, clean streets, and a posh atmosphere. Even its tourism website talks about "style, elegance, and class". Tourism began in 1864 when a local hotelier, Johannes Badrutt, made a bet with his English guests to return for winter. That went well and word spread. St. Moritz no longer was a summer destination.

St. Moritz hosted the Winter Olympics twice. There are plenty of ski trails and hills nearby, although my visit during the autumn was quite nice, being shoulder season with cooler weather, some snow, but not too much to strand me for days. Up at 1856m above sea level, the air smells fresh and cool.

Despite its poshy reputation, there is still an affordable supermarket where you can stock up reasonably-priced food for a picnic in the mountains.

The main town centre is above the railway station along the hillsides, although the waterfront is still very nice and the town wraps around the lake in the background.

The Kempinski Hotel sits on a huge lot with lots of greenery and beautiful mountains in the background. If you are loaded with inheritance money, why not give one of its 184 rooms or 27 luxury residences a try?

But you come to St. Moritz not to see the town, but to explore the beautiful surroundings, such as going up the mountains and riding the rails.

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