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I'm usually disappointed with cloudy and grey skies, but with a dusting of snow on the ground, the scene becomes magical even in the dull light.

I planned my trip to St. Moritz carefully to take advantage of my Swiss Travel Pass and also the hotel's complimentary mountain railway ticket. This posh destination can be affordable, after all. A great part of the fun is the ride up, such as the journey to Diavolezza. The view from the top was bad due to the weather though.

The mountain scenery is incredible, from both the top and the bottom.

It is important to research the train schedules before setting off on a packed day of sightseeing. While the sights were mostly quiet during the off-season, the trains do get packed so start early!

Continuing my quest to see the region from different mountains, Muottas Muragi offers a different ascent experience. An old funicular takes the rails up the slope from green to white. The change is quite dramatic.

Just a few hours ago, I was in the clouds at Diavolezza. Not far away, this observation area was under the blue sky.

It was a bit chilly to picnic up here though. However, I liked how these rest areas with views are almost entirely public and freely accessible.

South of the town after a long bus ride, 2 cable cars lifted me up to the Corvasch viewpoint. This one is closer to the lakes so the view is also quite distinct. With my hotel's mountain railway ticket, all 3 mountains have been free to go up so far today.

A bit short of breath, I moved a bit slower to take my selfies and explore the view, step by step.

Always check the weather forecast and webcams before going up. There really is no point to be taken all the way so high up only to be stuck in a cloud or patch of fog.

The Corviglia lookout point is the most complicated but starts right in the heart of town. With clouds expected in the afternoon, I began to rush to clear the funicular and cable car stretches.

Mother Nature is quite unpredictable in the mountains. Aren't we all at the mercy of weather? The sky can suddenly turn from blue to opaque.

So far, the town hasn't been too appealing to me. Looking at it from above is beautiful enough.

Another must-do activity is to ride the Bernina Line down to the Italian border. During the warmer months, a connecting bus takes you all the way to Lugano. There was plenty along this stretch of track to keep me busy for a day.

The line navigates through mountain passes and is an engineering marvel. No wonder parts of it are UNESCO World Heritage.

Once past the pass, the scenery turns far more green, eventually even sunny.

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