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Two major palaces were located in the city's outskirts belonging to 2 of Russia's greatest leaders.

The baroque Catherine Palace was built in the 18th century. Rebuilt by her daughter, Empress Elizabeth, it was almost destroyed by the Nazis in World War II, who used it as a barracks. Today, many of the rooms have been restored to their former glory.

The english garden was blooming in the cool, June sunshine.

Inside, a number of magnificently-decorated rooms awaited my exploration.

The Great Hall was used for receptions and balls, with golden decor all over the walls, around the windows, and mirrors. The ceiling was painted with Russian military victories and various other achievements

It is a bit hard to believe all this was re-created after World War II.

Similar to Catherine Palace, Peterhof was almost destoryed in World War II. However, many of the objects inside were moved to safety before the Germans arrived.

The Lower Park descends into the Baltic Sea and comprises of French baroque-style statues, cascades, and trick fountains. To get to it, I had to pass these fountains heading downhill.

The Great Cascade comprises 3 waterfalls, 64 fountains, and 37 statues. The centerpiece celebrates the 1709 victory over the Swedes, and it s replica as the original was taken by the Germans during World War II.

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