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Peter and Paul Fortress marks the beginning of St. Petersburg. Completed in 1704, it was part of Russia's line of defence against Sweden. It eventually became a political prison, and now sits on an island in the heart of the city.

Pictured here is the Cathedral of Saints Pter and Paul, which was completed in 1733. This Orthodox church looked quite odd with no domes but a spire.

As a freak storm wrecked havoc outside, I sought refuge inside the cathedral.

The Commandant's Pier offers a lovely view of the riverbank and the Hermitage museum on the other side.

Meanwhile, elsewhere along the waterfront ...

These seemingly lion-like statues look a bit out of place in Russia.

The 127m Aurora went into service in 1903 and participated in the Russian-Japanese War in the Far East. Sunk during World War II, it was raised and repaired after the war, finally becoming a museum in 1956.

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood looked out-of-place in St. Petersburg. After all, this place was designed to be a great European capital than a Russian city. This Orthodox church opened in 1907 and was reconstructed after World War II. Paintings from floor to ceiling adorn the interiors.

Across the street, various types of souvenirs were available.

Dubbed "Venice of the North, numerous canals criss-cross the city centre.

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