Flight Report
QF 187 Sydney - Hong Kong

Plane Spotting

Having arrived at the airport quite early and check-in at the Business Class counter was smooth, I went up to the observation area to spot airplanes.

Overweight Luggage

Although Business Class customers get an extra luggage allowance, the maximum weight was 32kg, which I exceeded by a little after my long stay of almost 2 months down under. Nevertheless, the check-in counter only wanted me to lighten the luggage to 32kg and allowed me to check-in a 2nd bag for the rest (2kg). They even helped get a utility bag for me to pack the overflow as I didn't have anything else on hand.

Executive Lounge

I paid a visit to the lounge, which was a refreshing, bright, and comfortable place to wait for my flight. The hardware looked better than the Pier in Hong Kong.

More Plane Spotting

I didn't want to spend a beautiful day sitting in a lounge, so I ventured around looking for planes to photograph. The terminal itself is nothing special though.

Delayed Departure

Business Class wasn't even half full, and we had to endure a departure delay. The Cathay and Virgin flights to Hong Kong that were to depart at around the same time came and went.

Southwards Takeoff

After a short taxi we took off to the south, then turn to head north to Hong Kong.

Meal Service - Soup!

I was quite amazed to find soup on the menu on the inbound flight from Hong Kong, and once again, soup appeared on the outbound flight. Soup should be quite hard to maintain for a long-haul flight - even when stored for a short period of time like in this case. But the execution was well done once again. I've never had soup from my other Business Class experiences before.

Goodbye Australi a

The sun began to set as the plane reached the further outreaches of Australia.

Meal Service

I was a bit hungry, and opted for a snack, although prawn salad isn't exactly a light snack like chips or fries.

Service Summary - 8/10

With a fairly empty Business Class, FAs were able to be a bit more attentive to the customers, although service is still not as top as Cathay. I was told the Friday night and Saturday morning Business Class loadings were very full, which was not a surprise. I purposedly booked the Saturday afternoon flight to avoid the crowds. I wasn't in a big hurry to get home actually.

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