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Taoyuan Airport is Taiwan's main international gateway. Access from the city has improved in recent years with the addition of an MRT line instead of buses. A less convenient way is to take the high-speed train to Taoyuan station and transfer to an airport bus. This option seems the most feasible way for residents living south of Taipei rather than city residents.

Terminal 1 was built in 1979 with influences from Washington's Dulles International Airport. After 30 years of service, a renovation and expansion began in 2009 even as the terminal continued flight operations.

The check-in area doesn't look as ancient as the terminal's age after the renovation. Luckily it has high ceilings and looks spacious.

The departure area into air-side looks simple and clean.

A beautiful sloping canopy roof is the most obvious sign of the renovation.

Air-side, they have incorporated a lot of green elements and wrapped the old features to modernize their appearance.

The retail selection has also improved, and gone more upscale.

Departure gate lounges are downstairs from the main corridors. This was something the renovation could not address due to the structural design.

Designed to handle 17 million passengers, Terminal 2 opened in July 2000. Aging facilities have resulted in embarrassing power outages in 2014 and 2016. Once the new Terminal 3 opens in 2021, Terminal 2 will close for renovations.

EVA Air has a special partnership with Hello Kitty, so this character makes a very pink appearance in this terminal.

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