Taipei Photo Gallery - The New MRT Circular Line

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Costing over USD $2 billion, the first section of the Circular Line runs 15km long and officially opened on Jan 31, 2020 after a delay over a year and a half. Free trials on the "yellow" line began earlier on the 19th with trains running at 8-minute intervals.

The current section's northern terminus is at New Taipei Industrial Park, an empty zone that connects to the Taoyuan MRT. The 2 lines are not integrated though, requiring both an exit and a re-entry, although the transfer areas are all covered.

4-carriage trains can carry up to 650 passengers each. They run on automatic control so the two ends of the trains have big windows to enjoy the view.

Transferring to the Blue Line is also complicated and requires an exit and re-entry as well.

Train interiors have the yellow theme like the line's colour on the map.

Banqiao station is located above ground and next to the existing TRA and MRT station with the Blue line platform being underground.

Designers had to work with the built-up urban environment along the stretch from Banqiao, having to double deck the tracks at some points to fit through narrow openings.

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