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Xinyi District is gradually filling up with skyscrapers, being the newly-planned business district. Cathay Landmark's 45th floor is home to 2 restaurants. The Japanese restaurant has an outdoor balcony with lovely views towards the west, north, and east, and a small peek at Taipei 101 towards the south.

Nanshan Plaza is the latest skyscraper to open in the area. Its top 3 floors host several upscale eateries, including Smith & Wollensky's first Asia outlet on the 47th floor.

The W Hotel's top-floor restaurant on the 31st floor offers delicious Chinese cuisine at reasonable prices. It is slightly lower than Cathay Landmark next door but the views in 2 directions are generally unobstructed.

Looking west, Taipei's former tallest is visible in the distance near the main railway station.

In the distance up the hills is the Grand Hotel with its distinctly Chinese architectural style. The 500-room hotel opened in 1952 and hosted key foreign dignataries such as President Eisenhower and the King of Thailand.

Towards the north, Songshan Airport used to cater for domestic flights only, but the high-speed railway along the west coast has decimated these flights. Now, limited international flights to regional destinations are taking advantage of this city centre location.

The eastern suburbs are mostly residential, with few areas of interest to tourists.

There are still plenty of empty lots to increase the area's density.

Back in 2012, Cathay Landmark was still under construction.

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