Tel Aviv Photo Gallery - Carmel Market

Carmel Market is a short walk from the waterfront and is the premier market to visit from the tourist literature. The main pedestrian-only market offers all sorts of goods, although I was interested in only the food selection. It seemed relatively small compared to other Middle Eastern souks I've visited although it was vibrant with lots of people doing their grocery shopping as well as sightseeing.

I was quite interested in the spice selection, and I was not disappointed.

There were also lots of fresh strawberries, and most stalls charge a standard 15 sheikels per 0.5kg, although some tubs on offer were much bigger that, so it's not correct to assume the price tag matches what you will pay.

Local desserts also looked quite interesting.

Women from the Druze community make this type of thin bread which is mostly flat and stuffed with your choice of fillings.

Crumbling architecture lines some of the side streets leading to the market.

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