Tel Aviv Photo Gallery - Skyscrapers

Tel Aviv's skyscrapers are clustered around a large highway and rail line east of the historic centre. While easily accessible by train, it is a bit far from the typical tourist attractions.

Located in front of the skyscrapers, Sarona was founded by Templar Christians from Germany about 150 years ago. Its restoration dates from 2006 when the city turned the site into a serene urban park, skyscrapers, and even a lively indoor market.

A short walk downhill along Eliezer Kaplan Street are more modern buildings. The Azrieli Center comprises 3 skyscrapers, appropriately named the Square (154m), Triangular (169m), and Round (187m). They sit on top of a shopping mall which is connected to the train station by pedestrian bridge.

Next door, the Spiral Tower is under construction that will rise about 350m, with completion expected in 2026.

The bridge to Hashalom station offers a good view of the skyline.

One station further south, the skyline view at Ha'Hagana station is even wider.

One station on the other side at Savidor Center, you can get up close to the modern buildings.

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