Tianjin Showcase Photo Gallery

A large square opens up in front of Tianjin's main rail station. Fishermen were busy trying to catch something in the algae-infested waters. Good luck to them.

Tianjin is undergoing rapid transformation. Skyscrapers seem to appear randomly across the cityscape.

Being a treaty port, the European influence has survived to today in the form of architecture. Below is the Astor Hotel, which opened in 1863 and was renovated in 2010.

The Ritz Carlton

Although the historic buildings cluster around serene streets, redevelopments are slowly getting closer and closer.

Wudadao consists of homes for the rich and the famous from the early 20th century. These buildings group along 5 roads near the British Concession.

Xikai Church was built in 1917 and is the largest cathedral in the city.

Not all Chinese cities are bustling and crowded. A short walk from the busy pedestrian mall, a quiet leafy street awaits exploration.

There is still traditional Chinese architecture left in this seemingly European city. the restored Drum Tower looks like its equivalent in Xian though.

But I can't help but notice this area has also been gentrified into a shopping zone rather than truly preserving the history.

Home to 14 million people, Tianjin has a modest 3-line subway system, with an additional light rail line heading to the suburbs. The first line dates back to the 1980's but was recently renovated while the other lines are new.