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Toronto Photo Gallery - North York

Back when there was little civic unity between Toronto's various mayors, they were in competition to lure business out of the downtown core. Mayor Mel Lastman's answer in North York was to build up along Yonge Street. Although there are office towers, this new downtown has become an expensive residential area instead. All this began when the subway was extended to Finch in 1974, followed by an additional North York Centre station being added in 1987.

Not very politically-correct these days.

Before development intensified in these neighbourhoods, the large arterial roads were lined with single family homes like these.

New York Towers - copying the design of the famous Chrysler Building. Its buildings are aptly coped from the Big Apple - the Waldorf, Chrysler, Rockefeller, and Chelsea.

Further down the street, there was plenty of land available for highrise developments. An unfinished subway line runs below, so it is only a 40-minute commute into downtown.

The Sheppard Subway opened in 2002 as the first new subway line since 1966. Originally-designed to cross town to Scarborough, the 5 stations are now a testament of poor transit planning in the city.

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