Tohoku Photo Gallery - Morioka

Hungry from my adventure in Hiraizumi, I searched for food upon arrival at Morioka. Typically Japanese, food models showcase the menu outside so you can make an informed decision before going in. No disclaimers that the food is not to scale on these display models.

From the train station, it is a comfortable 20 minute walk to the castle ruins. Morioka's golden period was during the 16-17th centuries.

Morioka Castle was built in 1609 but was demolished in 1874 as the samurai age ended. The site became a public park in 1906. However, its stone walls remain intact and this is a great place to see the mountains that give this pleasant town a lovely backdrop.

Back on street level, I headed towards the Nakatsu-gawa River, where historical buildings are clustered. This area was home to the town's wealthy merchants.

I arrived Morioka a bit late. This cherry blossom tree is unique because it grows out of a rock's crevice, and has already gone past full bloom.

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