Tohoku Photo Gallery - Aomori

Aomori is located on the northern tip of Honshu. Facing the sea, fresh creatures from the ocean are abundant here. Head to the Furukawa Market, where you can make your own fresh seafood rice with a unique ticket system. Buy a booklet of tickets, and browse around the shops for your favourite toppings, which you pay with your tickets. Grab at seat at their eating area, and enjoy your customized dish.

Chopsticks, tea and soy sauce are provided for free.

Prices here are quite reasonable as well, and prominently displayed for your benefit.

Locals also come here to do their grocery shopping. This market has been around since the 60s.

Nearby, Auga Festival City shopping mall has a fish market in the basement level.

Aomori is famous for the Nebuta Festival in August. When visiting outside this period, stop by the Nebuta Museum to see the colourful floats. It is believed the design of the gruesome creatures on these floats was meant to scare away enemies.

ASPAM'S triangular shape is quite noticeable on the waterfront. Head up to the observation deck for a nice view of the city.

The waterfront promenade is quite pleasant to feel the sea breeze and to amaze at the clean and clear waters.

Hakkodamaru celebrates the Seikan ferry, which connected Hokkaido with Honshu until 1988. Today, the Shinkansen crosses under the sea to reach Hakodate from here.

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