Tokyo Asakusa Photo Gallery

Asakusa was once a temple town that has retained its historic character. It was believed fishermen discovered an image of the goddess of mercy in the river in the 7th century and they wanted to enshrine it. Today, a gate with a large red paper lantern serves as the entrance to the approach to Senso-ji Temple.

The temple approach is lined with shops selling traditional Japanese products, including rice crackers.

There were plenty of tourists already early in the morning. Many congregated around this wash basin for cleansing and drinking.

Senso-ji Temple actually comprises a number of buildings.

Street Scenes

Although Tokyo Sky Tree has not opened yet during my visit, but the structure is pretty much complete.

Asakusa station on the Asakusa Line is served by a multitude of lines, so it takes a bit of time to sort out the confusion and find the correct train to board. The best part though, is you can catch a train to both Narita and Haneda airports along this stretch of stations.

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