Tokyo Bunkyo Civic Center Photo Gallery

Not prominently featured in the mainstream tourism brochures, the Bunkyo Civic Center has a free observation deck on the top floor.


On this exceptionally clear day, even Mount Fuji was visible behind Shinjuku's skyscrapers. Impressive!

Tokyo is not really a land of skyscrapers, which is quite ironic given 30 million live around Tokyo Bay.


Although the designs and shapes look very disorderly, these individual buildings generally share a common height. In Tokyo, there is always order within chaos.


Although the Civic Center was not particularly tall, it was enough to get a commanding view of the brand new Tokyo Sky Tree.

The flame building is not particularly tall, but given the city around it isn't tall either, it was clearly visible even from here.

Marunouchi lies in the distance further southeast.

Unfortunately, the south side is blocked off and not open to the public, so all I could do is to take southeasterly photos from this window, and southwesterlies on the other side.

Across Tokyo, I observed many tourist spots had these stamps for visitors to mark a memory of their visit on paper.

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