Tokyo City Scenes Photo Gallery

Suiten-gu Shrine

Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple

The Indian architectural elements are quite unique given the location. Completed in 1934, the temple was actually designed by a Japanese from Tokyo University.

St. Luke's Tower

The top floor of this building has a window with a view towards Tsukishima. I made it in time for the sunset, and snuck around the corner for a few more windows in a supposedly closed-off area to spot Odaiba in the distance.

The riverfront at sunset is very pleasant, albeit a lot cooler with the setting sun.

Tokyo Tower was getting ready for the countdown, showing 2011 still. Tsukiji Market is on the other side of the river.

Further downstream to the west, the waterfront park next to Takeshiba station also provides a vantage point for the skyscrapers on the reclaimed islands.


Tokyo Sky Tree

Although topped out, this new giant is not yet ready to accept visitors.

This is the type of construction they're completing in order for the tower to officially open.

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