Kawagoe Photo Gallery

Kawagoe is only a 30-minute ride on the express train from Ikebukuro. However, there are different types of "express" trains, so it took a bit of figuring out by consulting a map on the platform.

The station itself is quite a long walk from the attractions through small streets and not-so-attractive cityscapes.

Unfortunately, the Senba Tosho-gu Shrine was closed to visitors. I could only peek from between the metal bars at the gate.

I turned around the corner hoping to see more buildings to photograph at the Kita-in Temple next door.

I found another access route for the shrine, but a number of student volunteers were already inside.

The city unfolds as I exit the temple grounds, looking for the next point of interest.

Another Buddhist temple emerged. This one looks quite grand but the parking lot spoiled the atmosphere.

With the longest walk of the day likely over, I leisurely strolled along the side streets looking for my next stop. The wintry cold was easily overcome with a hat on and the blazing sun.

The Miyoshino Shrine was the guardian shrine of the Kawagoe Castle and dates from the 17th century. Today, it appears to be popular among students who want good grades.

Not much remains of Kawagoe Castle today. The Honmaru Goten was built in the mid-1800's and is open to the public. It consists of various meeting rooms and a small garden. However, extensive interior renovations have wiped out any hint of its age.

The garden's serenity was interrupted by school-children's screams next door.

With the City Museum closed for the year-end, I headed west to look for the warehouse district.

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