Tokyo Marunouchi Photo Gallery

Although Nihonbashi is Tokyo's kilometer 0, the bridge itself is nothing special and overshadowed by a much bigger highway bridge above.

A historic Mitsukoshi department store still survives in this redeveloped area of modern skyscrapers.

Next door, a modern Mitsukoshi building emerges ...

The Bank of Japan's headquarters looks very European.

From there, it is a short walk to Marunouchi and Tokyo Station.

Although the guidebooks say Tokyo Station is modeled after Amsterdam's Centraal, the building is covered up under reconstruction. A new skyscraper is also being built next door. Change is in the air.

The Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum is a replica reconstruction of the original built in 1894. At the time, it was the first western-style office building in the area.

Next door, an entrance leads to a quiet open courtyard with plenty of vegetation and seats to read a good book.

The Marunouchi Building has 2 restaurant floors at the top, and a big open window with a view west towards the Imperial Palace. However, the light was against me when I arrived in the afternoon.

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