Nikko Photo Gallery

Tobu Railway offers a 2-day pass that includes a roundtrip ticket from Tokyo to Tobu-Nikko and also the local World Heritage Loop bus. The commuter trains are not too comfortable for a long trip but the savings are substantial and worth the pain.

The Toshogu Shrine is an elaborately-decorated structure that was built in the 17th century. Unlike other Japanese shrines, which are more modest and simple, the buildings here have detailed carvings and a coat of glitter.

The Gojunoto is a 5-storey pagoda that was rebuilt in the 19th century after a fire.

The horse's stable is graced by 8 carved boards showcasing the life of a monkey. It is believed the monkeys protect the horses from disease.

The Karamon Gate has a mix of bright colours and behind it is the Main Shrine.

The Nemurineko sleeping cat carving is said to represent a peaceful world.

A serene shaded path uphill leads to Okumiya, the inner shrine.

Nikko is located at the foot of Mt. Nyoho. This quiet and serene town is a great place for a day trip from Tokyo or even an overnight stay.

Shinkyo Bridge was recently restored in 2005. Legend has it that 2 snakes formed a bridge for a saint to cross the river.

Spring finishes late in the cooler latitudes. The fog just won't leave. Where is the Akechidaira Ropeway?

The fog was so thick, I could only hear but not see the Kegon waterfall.

Ryuzu Falls descends slowly and is far more visible with a path built next to it.

The cafe here serves delicious light fare and you are only a few steps from the observation area.

Shaded and comfortable hiking trails traverse the Senjogahara Marshland. Many schoolchildren were enjoying a field trip here today.

Lake Yumoto

Water from the above lake drains into Yudaki Waterfall.

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