Odaiba Photo Gallery

Odaiba is an entertainment and shopping destination on reclaimed islands in Tokyo Bay. An expensive driverless monorail connects it to Shiodome.

The monorail loops around the main attractions. The Telecom Center sits at the southern end of the urban area. Further south is the port.

Tokyo Big Sight is a large exhibition center that hosts major events such as the Tokyo Motor Show.

Cartoon messages blazed the platform screen doors.

The waterfront area had plenty of sidewalk space for the crowds. The view towards Tokyo was quite good, although this is not the section of real estate that allows full admiration of the sprawling skyline.

The centerpiece is Rainbow Bridge, which is walkable. But it was a cold day, so I opted for a warmer indoor vantage point instead.

A miniature Statue of Liberty sits oddly by the water.

Fuji TV's headquarters has an observation deck on the ball at the top. The architecture is quite bold and the building seems to age quite well.

The view was worth the admission. Unfortunately, clouds rolled in but the morning's sunshine still lingered, giving the sky a colourful background.

Back on ground level, as the weather turned, the buildings became darker and darker, and taking decent photos got far more difficult.

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