Tokyo Shiodome Photo Gallery

Shiodome is a business district by the Tokyo Bay coast. Unlike much of Tokyo which was far shorter, this area has a big cluster of skyscrapers.

To make most use of available space, this store is carefully placed under a bridge.

The old Shimbashi Station is now a small museum. It once served as the Tokyo terminus of the Yokohama rail line.

Shiodome City Center's top 2 floors house a number of restaurants with excellent views of Tokyo. The middle section has been thoughtfully crafted into a public space where visitors can relax in serenity.

Caretta Shiodome is yet another office building with restaurants on its top 2 floors. The basement level connects to the train station and has been decorated for Christmas. The best part was the wonderful view from the glass elevator and the public seating area on 46/F.

I was surprised to spot Tsukiji Market so clearly and completely.

Hama Rikyu was originally on my itinerary. But it didn't look too fantastic today, so I opted to take it off my list.

The express glass elevator to the basement also didn't disappoint.

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