Goreme Photo Gallery

Cappadocia is famous for its rock formations, which were created by erupting volcanoes some 30 million years ago. Over time, erosion has created various formations, including the "fairy chimneys". Some even became homes of persecuted Christians, who carved churches and frescoes into the rocky landscapes.

The Goreme Open-Air Museum comprises of a large number of rock-cut churches and residences in Cappadocia. Built out of soft volcanic tuff, the oldest works date from the 9th century. Frescoes depicting scenes from the Bible, some of which have been badly damaged over the years, can still be seen in some of the churches. Rangers are quick to hustle tour groups in and out every 3 minutes so everyone can get a chance to enjoy these man-made wonders amidst the remarkable natural landscape.

Quite incredible to think people carved these holes into the hills and proceeded with their daily lives in here.

One last church lies just outside the admissions area.

The visit ends with a camel ride or shopping along the market street to the right of this neat rock formation.

Many more interesting rock formations line the surrounding areas.

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