Goreme Photo Gallery

We drove around Goreme for 2 hours, stopping at various locations to admire the view and the power of nature. This spot offered a great panorama of the whole area.

Underground towns were built throughout the area as refuge from invading armies. These intricate structures include residences, stables, wine cellars, shrines, and traps. Surprisingly, they various underground levels were all properly ventilated. Here's the underground town at Kaymakli.

Thanks to modern signage, getting around is now easy and safe. However, there are plenty of weird exits and entrances that were designed to trap invaders. Even now, a wrong step can lead to serious injury.

At times of danger, towns might need to stay underground for extended periods of time. Rather than have fruits spoil, they could turn them into wine, to be stored in this room.

Use this board to cut up the food. This is the kitchen area.

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