Above Cappadocia Photo Gallery

The highlight of any Cappadocia trip would be the hot air balloon ride as the sun rises. The 4:30am morning call was quite intense, but at least hundreds of others were suffering with me.

Plenty of other balloons were rising above Cappadocia already.

Our pilot sailed towards the west, against the light, and turned the balloon a few times so everyone got to see the view. It was a very smart move, as the morning light did not get in the way of my photography.

Hot air balloon rides seem to be a very popular activity in this part of Turkey.

The balloon rose and fell along with the topography, sometimes scraping the odd treetop so we could see the amazing man-made structures now embedded into the amazing natural landscape.

Despite so much traffic today, we all maintained a safe distance from one another. There was barely a drop of wind, and the temperature rose quite quickly after the sun made its debut.

An hour later, it was time to find a spot to land, and load the next set of passengers.

The pilot was communicating with the ground team to get the trucks and vans into position for our arrival.

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