Western Turkey Photo Gallery

About a third of Turkey's population lives around the Aegean Sea. With lovely beaches and beautiful sea views, there is plenty of natural beauty to explore. Perhaps it's a good thing no big highways cross this area, but the downside is the journey from Istanbul to Gelibolu would take over 4 hours.

No bridges cross the Dardanelles, so vehicular ferries are a crucial part of the local transport network.

As we await the next ferry, this street vendor was already advertising his wares.

Vehicles are parked on the main deck, while passengers may opt to climb upstairs to the 2 passenger decks for some sun and lovely views.

Canakkale sits at the narrowest part of the Dardanelles. It has a lovely waterfront, which includes a prop from the movie "Troy". The town's name means "pottery castle", reflecting its past role as a major ceramics production centre.

Further south, Kusadasi is a popular Aegean cruise port. From here, it is only a short bus ride to Ephesus.

A few of these would wreck havoc on Ephesus.

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