Vancouver Lynn Canyon Photo Gallery

North Vancouver has 2 canyons with a suspension bridge for tourists to explore. While the tourist literature boasts about the expensive Capilano option, Lynn Canyon is free and easily accessible by bus and a short walk. So if you don't mind a shorter bridge but still plenty of forest hikes, head to this free park.

Getting there is quite easy. From downtown, take the Seabus to Lonsdale Quay, then transfer at the bus terminus to route 228.

Opened in 1912, Lynn Canyon Park spans 617 acres of temperate rainforest with a suspension bridge 50m above the canyon. The park has plenty of very tall trees that will keep the ground shaded most of the time.

There was a line of visitors waiting to cross the bridge, but only because they were kind to wait for the prior group to take as many pictures as they want before continuing.

A lovely hiking path in between the tall trees continued on the other side, but with the rain starting to fall more heavily, I opted to enjoy just the bridge this time.

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