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San Marco District


There were a lot of narrow streets to explore, and with the sun out, it was time to leave St. Mark's Square.

Santa Maria del Giglio's stunning facade faces a long street to the commuter gondola. With an admission charge, I only admired the outside. I don't understand why anyone would charge a fee to enter the house of God.

This tower was slanted in a very scary way.

A water bus stop stood at Chiesa di San Samuele, and there was a little bit of open waterfront to see the other side.

Venice's alleys are quite well sign-posted to help the lost traveler. The yellow sign points to the direction of a major attraction.

The Grand Canal bent just north of the water bus stop, and I sought another opening to take pictures of the other section of this waterway. Good that the Rialto Bridge is in sight. I've been looking for a decently-far place to capture the whole bridge and the surrounding buildings.

Across from Teatro La Fenice, the tables and chairs are out and you can enjoy a drink on the square.

After wandering around the alleys, lost part of the way, I found my way back to the Accademia Bridge to Dorsoduro.

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