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Campanile di San Marco

This tower dominates St. Mark's Square, and luckily, it's possible to go up to admire the views.

Looking EAST - towards the Adriatic Sea


Just across the tower is Doge's Palace. The outside looks simple but the rooms inside are stunning.

Looking SOUTH, the view is lot more blue and serene. You won't see a sea of buildings, but more contrast with nature.

Heading WEST, the entire St. Mark's Square is visible, with the many tourists on the ground looking like ants roaming about. The rest of the city lies behind, with Mestre in the distance beyond the water.

The rest of the city also spans to the NORTH of the square.

It costs another admission to go up the clock tower. Looking at it from here would have to do.

Notice the airport is just across the water in the background, and is that an Emirates plane along with 2 easyJet planes?

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